Corresponding author e mail scottglaberman southalabama edu search for more papers by this author andrew hylton department of biology university of south alabama mobile alabama 36688 usa a mode of action classified according to barron et al.

The dramatic increase in atmospheric co 2 concentrations has attracted people rsquo s attention and many strategies have been developed to convert co 2 into high value chemicals metal organic frameworks mofs as a class of versatile materials can be used in the co 2 capture and conversion because of their unique porosity large specific surface area rich pore hellip.

Survival following breast cancer is improving with over 88 of patients alive at 5 years ries et al 2008 although the prognosis appears to be worse in young women under 35 years at diagnosis aebi et al 2000 in the usa around 3 million women are survivors of breast cancer and this number is likely to increase with earlier diagnosis and improvements in hellip.

In one of the largest studies to date canadian children who experience unilateral ais after the perinatal period n 99 had assessment of intelligence with age appropriate wechsler scales a mean of 3 years after stroke 304 measures of overall intelligence verbal ability working memory and processing speed were significantly lower in.